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Our elopement wedding packages are perfect same sex marriage and weddings. Our all-inclusive elope wedding packages include everything that you need to get married. We have assembled all the elements of a traditional wedding package and saved you all the time and effort planning. What's more is our elope packages offer you savings compared to purchasing all the individual components on your own.

Vermont is one of the few states to offically recognize Same sex/gay marriages. The Vermont Legislation enacted Same-sex Equality marriage into the Vermont Statues in April 2009. Since September 2009, gay marriages, also known as same sex marriages and LGBT equality marriages, became law and Vermont will officially recognize and issue marriage licenses for same-sex, gay couples. A copy of the Vermont statue Civil Marriage legistation is found here. Almost ten years ago Vermont was the first state to enact a law that permitted civil unions, and continues this day to be a leader in recognizing equality.

Not every gay or lesbian individual will want to get married, but now every gay and lesbian person can feel a little more safe, experience a little more dignity, and most important of all, feel proud, proud not only for themselves (gay pride), but for the citizens of this small state which has had the common sense to do the right thing.

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Our Elopement Packages are Perfect

"Many of our gay couples interested in same sex marriage tend to come from out-of-state. That can make it difficult to plan a wedding. Our Elopement Wedding Packages solve this problem by including all the elements needed for a wedding in a simple, all-inclusive gay wedding package. Simply choose one of our three all-inclusive elope wedding packages - see the elope package comparison table below - and we do all the work.


After many years of hosting gay weddings and same sex marriages, and previously civil unions, we have the experience and sensitively to handle your marriage with the appropriate decorum and dignity. We are very happy to discuss our package details and recommend changes to accommodate your gay wedding. We will happily subsitute another bridal bouquet at no additional cost to you. Our photographers will work with you to capture your wedding in a manner that you feel comfortable. Our officiants will work with you to prepare a ceremony that is tailored to your desires.

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A Comparison our All-Inclusive Elopement Packages

The Hartness House Inn offer a wide variety of all-inclusive elopement wedding packages. We make it easy for you with our all-inclusive elope wedding packages that include everything you need for a traditional wedding. Just make a reservation and we will do all the rest.

Here is a comparison table showing all the items included in each of the three all-inclusive elopement wedding packages.


Comparison table of all-inclusive Elopement Packages, Romantic Vermont Bed & Breakfast hotel, Vermont B&B, Vermont hotel
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Elegant Elope Wedding Package

All the traditional wedding elements at a budget pleasing price.

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Deluxe Elope Wedding Package

Our most popular all-inclusive package -- all the frills and none of the hassles.

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Ultimate Elope Wedding Package

Our ultimate package - choice of private spa session or a round of golf.

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Our Facilities

See the inside of the Hartness House Inn.

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Our Dining

Check out our restaurant, banquet room, tavern and restaurant menu.

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Our Accommodations

Take a tour of our bed & breakfast style rooms. We offer over 40 rooms if you would like to invite friends and family.

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